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An evil plot to escape a desolate planet brings together the unfortunate few who were cast aside.

A sci-fi adventure game filled with puzzles, mystery and a little bit of humor.

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Press Kit:

**Early Alpha**
This is an early alpha version of the game and in no way represents the final version, some features might have bugs or are not included at this time. Enjoy the early version of the game!

- Rich environments
- Mysterious story line
- Mild humor
- Intriguing puzzles
- Episodic (4 episodes in total)
- Point and click gameplay
- Full keyboard and gamepad functionality
- Keyboard and gamepad custom key set available
- Touch gameplay fully functional (mobile, tablets, etc.)
- Screenshot system (press P to take a screenshot)

Install instructions

Changelog v0.3:

  • Adjusted FB icon on title (clickable)
  • Added Twitter & Steam Greenlight icon on title (clickable)
  • Added auto-fullscreen
  • Added fullscreen toggle in options menu
  • Removed touch screen controls for PC builds (android controls, not needed)
  • Re-arranged first cutscene (no longer the intro)
  • Fixed custom mouse icon glitch (wasn't displaying)
  • Added switch to turn main lights on/off at any time (you could only turn them on before, not off)
  • Adjusted exterior and interior ship responses depending if lights are on or off
  • Fixed grammar errors
  • Added event sound emitters (fire, ship, rain, doors, etc.)
  • Updated sidekick dialogue depending on location (in or outside of the ship)
  • Adjusted system mechanics for custom build
  • Reduced build size (removing unnecessary files)
  • Created custom installer for the game


Fragments of Genesis Alpha v0.3.exe (95 MB)